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How to Raise Funds - Quickly!

Competing in pageants can be expensive, so we made this resource for you to use follow to raise funds that you can use towards your registration fees, travel, dresses, and more. Here are the strategies that we've seen work best for a number of girls:

1: Facebook Fundraiser

This is one of the easiest (and quickest!) ways to raise funds. In fact, we've had girls raise almost $500 in just a couple of days by setting up fundraisers like this. 

The steps are very simple, just do the following:

  • Login to your Facebook page

  • Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed.

  • Click Raise Money.

  • Select Yourself, Friend or Someone or something not on Facebook.

  • Select a category.

  • Add a cover photo and fill in details about your fundraiser. This is where you can announce that you have been offered your title by the USA Petite organization and you are in need of some funds to help cover expenses. Be sure to add a lot of info about your interest in competing in the pageant, including why you want to compete, and some girls even add screenshots of the letter they receive from us, etc. 

  • Click Create.

  • Then make sure you share and interact with people who comment or donate! It's a great idea to send thank you letters and keep them updated with your progress

2: Go Fund Me Page

This is very similar to the Facebook fundraiser, but is more meant for people who don't use Facebook. The steps are a little different, but are still pretty simple. Here is a full guide on setting up your first Go Fund Me page.

Again, be sure to add as many details as possible about why you're raising the funds, what it means to you, and don't forget ot include pictures!

3: Email to Local Businesses

Although this strategy can take a little bit longer, it also can reap higher donations! Many businesses out there want to support local causes and care about investing in making their community better. Asking them for donations is very easy to do and can lead to reaching your goals quickly. 

Here is a quick guide on how to ask:

  • Make a list of local businesses in your area (start with those you already work with in some way, if possible!)

  • Find the email address (or LinkedIn Profile) of the owners, directors of marketing, or even just a good point person

  • Send them an email, the following is a great example:

"Hi (first name),

I was recently honored to receive the distinction of “(title name) Petite” and am excited to improve our community with my new network, platform, and crown.


My platform, (Name of Platform), helps (who your platform helps) by (what your platform does). I’m excited to do this and so much more within the (your city/state) community.


However, I’m looking for support from local businesses to help sponsor my journey and cover some of my costs.


Within the next month, I have to come up with upwards of (fee amount) to pay for my entrance to the 2020 USA Petite National Pageant in Chicago! In addition to travel and wardrobe expenses.

I’m wondering if you would be able to help sponsor some of these costs? In exchange for your sponsorship, you would receive:

- Your company logo displayed on my full page ad

- “Shout-outs” on my social media pages

- Free appearance from me for modeling of your product/service

- A HUGE thank you and handwritten thank you letter from yours truly!


I am so proud to be a resident of (your city), (state) and am excited for the opportunity to represent our community and capture the state title!


Any donations at all would be so greatly appreciated! If you have the means, and the interest in doing so, please fill out the form attached and mail it to myself or the directly to the state director at your earliest convenience.


Thank you SO MUCH for your Support!



(First and Last Name)


4: Combine Strategies

Don't think that you can only do one of the strategies above, you can actually combine them all to get the best results! Setting up a Facebook Fundraiser or GoFundMe page AND reaching out to local businesses allows you to share your goals with your friends/family and local businesses in the community. In fact, this also allows these people to share it with people that they know by sending the link to other people that might be interested in donating.- getting you in front of more people and businesses! So do a combination of the strategies above and reach your goals faster!

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