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Jenna Kienbaum

National Director

USA Petite





Pageant for Petite Women Breaks Boundaries and Inspires Thousands Nationally.


Neenah, WI - The USA Petite Pageant came to life in 2009 to recognize and empower exceptional women whose height is 5’6 or under.  The pageant was created as a celebration of the accomplishments of petite women across the United States, and an opportunity for their voices to be heard. Today, USA Petite continues to promote healthy competition and friendship among its members, as well as a passion for serving others. Pageant contestants champion personal platforms that foment leadership, community service, and kindness.


As the current Co-Owner & National Director of USA Petite, Jenna Kienbaum is enthusiastic about providing petite women with a platform from which to inspire and serve others. A Wisconsin native, Jenna has held a number of pageant titles, including Miss Wisconsin United States 2016, USA Petite Miss 2017, and Miss Universal Petite 2018. Currently, she manages several businesses and organizations, and plans to use her entrepreneurial experience to expand the pageant’s reach. Her ultimate goal is to shine a light on the personal, professional, and community accomplishments of petite women, a group that has historically been underrepresented in the pageant industry.


Members of our USA Petite Pageant team include Jordan Rhodes, Co-Owner and Chief Marketing Officer, and Tiffani Diaz, our Contestant Coordinator. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with an MBA in Marketing, Jordan has founded and grown multiple companies while pursuing a Masters in Management at Harvard. Tiffani’s many years of customer service experience and her passion for community projects, such as animal care and rescue, are an enormous asset to our team.


Becoming a USA Petite winner isn’t just about carrying a title. Our winners pave the way for petite women to make a difference in our nation. Taylor McGolderick, USA Petite Teen 2019, currently champions for mental health awareness and volunteers at a local animal hospital while attending Calvary Christian High School in Florida.


Natalie DeMarino, USA Petite Miss 2019, holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management and serves as a Human Resource Officer in the U.S. Army. She currently models for Grunt Style, volunteers for community projects such as Wreaths for Vets, and advocates for suicide awareness and prevention through her platform #BeThere.


Kimberly Kwong, USA Petite Ms. 2019, holds a doctorate in optometry and currently serves in the U.S. Air Force. Her passion for humanitarian missions have taken her around the world, including Tanzania and El Salvador.


Liza Garza, USA Petite Mrs. 2019, is a teacher and modeling instructor with a passion for serving her community. She holds a Masters degree in Educational Administration and is happily married with four children.


The winners of our national pageant will become National spokeswomen for petite ladies across the country and be awarded with various promotional opportunities. The National winners in our Miss & Teen division will also move on to compete at the international Miss Universal Petite pageant, representing the USA. Our pageant is the official USA preliminary to the Miss and Teen Universal Petite pageants. Our National winners will also receive a prize package valued at over $20,000, including clothing, accessories, jewelry, make-up, skincare products, photoshoots, complimentary hair/make-up, modeling and promotional opportunities, custom and personalized prizes, a free cruise, and more!


We’re ecstatic to announce that the USA Petite 2020 Pageant will take place on September 30th to October 3rd, 2020. Our host venue will be Crown Plaza Chicago O’Hare, located at 5440 N River Rd, Rosemont, Illinois. Areas of competition include judge interview, swimsuit, evening gown, and on-stage questions. Join us as we celebrate the limitless potential of petite women!


Applications are being accepted now from women 13-40 years of age who wish to become community leaders and represent petite ladies of the USA. Contestants must be 5’6 or under, in good health, and of excellent moral character to compete. See complete eligibility requirements here. To sign up, visit and fill out a free application.

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