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Petite USA is the #1 pageant in the country for petite women (5'6" or shorter) and is the official preliminary to the international "Universal Petite" pageant. While most other pageants have a height minimum, we have been celebrating Petite Power for over 10 years. Our national pageant system is about empowering women who are normally overlooked and building a sisterhood of impactful petite women.

Last year thousands of women applied for state title and over 200+ ladies were selected to compete at the National Petite USA pageant. The 2024 National Petite USA Pageant will be held July 31st-August 3rd in CHICAGO and we are expecting an even BIGGER turnout!

If you are selected as a state titleholder, you will receive:

  • Custom Crown and Sash that can be used for public events

  • Entry into the National Petite USA Pageant

  • Exposure on the National Petite USA website and social media pages

  • Custom Opening Number Dress and Earrings

  • Chance to win a share of a total prize package valued at over $25,000

  • Exclusive discount codes and deals from sponsors 

  • Chance to attend the international Universal Petite pageant 


Apply now to for your chance to be selected to represent your state as a state titleholder in the National Petite USA pageant this coming year!

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