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Teen Petite USA™ 2023

Faith-Claire Trapp



Miss Petite USA™ 2023

Kira Rose Johnson

Kira Rose Johnson is a 23 year old entrepreneur who owns a nontoxic residential and commercial office cleaning business in Oregon and who has recently started attending school again to finish her interior design degree. 

When Kira isn’t working or volunteering in her community, she really enjoys being outside! Any and every chance she gets to go to the beach, to do yoga, to ride her longboard, riding her dirtbike or quad, going to see her family, to go on a hike that’s what she is doing! She takes pride in resetting her brain and her peace. 

When she’s not outside, this girl is working. She currently is expanding her speaking career by speaking at high schools and middle schools across Oregon - and now the NATION. She hopes one day to bring positive effect to communities all over the world affected by the opioid epidemic, after losing her brother in 2017 to fentanyl poisoning. Drug awareness and mental health advocation is something she’s fiercely passionate about and she can’t wait to share all of her worlds in one during this next year with you as your Miss Petite USA!


Ms. Petite USA™ 2023

Tiffany King

Tiffany King is an attorney, business development professional, entrepreneur, volunteer, avid outdoorsman, sports fan, and the reigning Ms. Petite USA. When she isn’t climbing the corporate ladder or building her small businesses, you can find her living out her passion for the outdoors hunting and fishing, or attending a concert or sporting event.


Volunteerism has been a prominent part of Tiffany’s life since she was a teenager and her platform “Make an IMPACT” illustrates her continued commitment to volunteerism. While she is involved with numerous organizations, some of her philanthropic efforts include: Big Brothers Big Sisters, Impact 100, 4EVR Dez Foundation, Project Formal, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, The Giving Gown Foundation, Danny Dietz Memorial Classic, local food banks as well as a local Mardi Gras Krewe.


Tiffany returned to pageants in 2022 after a nearly 20-yearbreak, capturing the title of Ms. Texas United World.  After relocating to Florida, she competed in the Florida Petite Pageant (preliminary to Petite USA), where she was crowned Ms. Florida Petite 2023.


She has previously competed in Miss Texas Teen USA (Miss Kingwood Teen USA), Miss Alabama USA, Miss America Organization preliminaries, as well as various University pageants at her alma mater, Auburn University.


Tiffany earned a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations, with Marketing and Management concentrations, from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, and a Juris Doctorate from South Texas College of Law in Houston, Texas.  She is a Senior Director for a global risk intelligence firm based in Washington, D.C.


Tiffany resides near her family on the Florida Gulf Coast with her two rescue dogs, Yuli and Kimber.


Mrs. Petite USA™ 2023

Rachel Betterley

Rachel Betterley was born March 2, 1991, in the river town city of Hastings, Minnesota.  At a young age, Rachel was gifted in the arts. "I was always holding a pencil." She recalls. "I was the daydreaming, artsy kid constantly drawing new worlds, people, and realities." But while her talents earned a full scholarship to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts Summer Program at the early age of sixteen, art-making was more than fun. It was a coping mechanism and outlet in the face of trauma. Having been a victim of childhood sexual abuse, she developed a deep-rooted passion for art education and helping children and families who need its creative healing benefits the most.


"I knew I always wanted to help struggling children. As a visual arts educator, I can blend mentorship, art, and therapy to help someone express any struggles they might be facing. We don't talk enough about the mental health benefits of art. It's my goal to change that." She confirms.


Art therapy and choice-making approaches to her teaching philosophy create a new standard for visual arts education. And successes for her students have reached recognition. Since 2014, her students have been routinely awarded the Region 7A Minnesota State High School League's "best in show" distinction in the categories of ceramics, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, and printmaking. 


Statewide, she has appeared on Fox 9, alongside numerous local news networks for her change-making art education philosophies and art advocacy. Nationwide, she has filmed with Zandolee Media, Dick Clark Productions and Good Morning America,  alongside representing Minnesota live on ABC for the 95th anniversary Miss America Competition.


In 2013, she graduated with a bachelor's degree in art education at the University of Minnesota Duluth and later received a master's of art education at Boston University. In addition to urban and rural teaching experiences, She taught internationally at Danila Kumar School in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Currently, she is serving her 10th year teaching high school art in northern Minnesota. 


It's through a continuation of public figure work where she is focusing on child sexual abuse awareness and family healing through the arts. "I didn't understand the full extent of my trauma until I later married and my two children were born." She affirms. The goal of Art with Heart is to educate and share how art can be used as a source of healing for mental health struggles and trauma. "Your thoughts and feelings deserve to be recognized and validated. When you're a kid, you don't always know how to voice it. So, they can say it through their art. That's their voice, and it matters. Families coming together through the arts is a vital component to the mental wellness and healing of this country." With this message, she shares her story as an accepted member into the speaker's bureau for RAINN and wants to encourage other victims to speak their truth by telling their story to those that need to hear it most. 


A unique component to her service initiative is with a personal project, Sketchbooks for Kids, where monthly sketchbook sets are donated to school counselors, social works, and foster care organizations across the nation in an effort to provide a positive creative outlet for youth who might lack the resources to purchase themselves. To learn more and donate, follow @sketchbooksforkids on Instagram. Through Petite USA, Rachel has been able to partner with sister queens to increase the outreach of sketchbook set donations. So far, supplies have been donated to youth in Florida, Hawaii, Georgia, Minnesota, Utah, and Alaska. Her goal is to donate 2,000 sketchbook sets to youth across the country and world.  


Another component to the "Art with Heart" platform movement is to also shine a light on unique artists from across the country and promote creative expression. She hosts an inclusive Instagram Live series called "Creative Conversations" to encourage that message and educate her followers about the many ways people go about expressing their artistry. You can follow her on Instagram, @rachelbetterley to stay up to date on her latest endeavours, philanthropy with the Mrs. Petite USA title, and "Creative Conversations" series. 


Elite Ms. Petite USA™ 2023

Carrie Owen

Carrie Owen embodies a journey of excellence, determination, and unwavering commitment to her passions. Born and raised in Casper, WY, she discovered her early passion for the arts. Her pursuit of artistic expression led her to Oklahoma City University, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Performing Arts. 


Upon completing her education, Carrie's aspirations guided her to the shimmering lights of Las Vegas, NV. She embraced the city's vibrant opportunities, transitioning seamlessly into a professional dance performance career that spanned over 10 years in renowned production shows along the iconic Las Vegas Strip. Her credits include MGM Grand's EFX, Viva Las Vegas at the Stratosphere, World's Greatest Magic at the Sahara, Dirk Arthur's Magic Show at the Tropicana, among others.  


Expanding her horizons, Carrie embarked on a new avenue within the entertainment world. Collaborating with the VP of Entertainment at the MGM Grand Hotel, she explored the realm of Entertainment Administration. This voyage evolved, guiding her towards the realms of Marketing Management for MGM Grand and later led her to the opening of the flagship Topgolf Las Vegas as the Senior Marketing Manager. During this tenure, she emerged as the primary media representative, embodying the Topgolf brand in a multitude of live and recorded TV and radio appearances.


Driven by a persistent yearning to integrate her passion for fitness, Carrie redirected her career path. Harnessing her accomplishments after competing and being awarded top placements in numerous NPC Bodybuilding competitions , she legitimized herself by earning certifications in Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, and Stretch Therapy. Carrie ventured into the Raw Fitness family as a dedicated trainer. Her innate leadership and unwavering commitment swiftly propelled her to the helm of a Las Vegas location, as General Manager and in late 2019, she assumed the role of Corporate Director, orchestrating the harmonious operations of five Las Vegas establishments and two franchise locations spanning Texas and California.


Carrie's platform, "Empowered Wellness," crystallizes her convictions. It encapsulates the spirit of thriving with purpose to sustain vitality. Her journey, from a performing artist on grand stages to a pivotal figure in the fitness industry, mirrors her commitment to holistic, sustainable well-being. Carrie remains an unwavering advocate, epitomizing the fusion of artistry, tenacity, and wellness that shapes her indelible legacy.


Carrie has been a catalyst for change within her community.  With a heart for giving, she has spearheaded Adopt A Family endeavors and Wish reveal events for Make A Wish children, rallying entire departments to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate and bring joy and hope to young hearts in need.  She has also been integral in the organization of countless Holiday Toy Drives and Three Square Food Bank initiatives, recognizing the importance of contributing to the fight against economic insecurities.  


Carrie's most cherished achievement is her role as a mother to Ciera Evans, a remarkable 24-year-old. Ciera, following in her mother's footsteps, has excelled as a gifted gymnast, dance performer, and pageant luminary. Today, she has ventured into the exhilarating realm of Professional Sports Partnership & Marketing, embodying the same spirit of excellence and passion that runs in her family's veins. It was Ciera's gentle encouragement that led Carrie to embark on an extraordinary journey - the Petite USA pageant, an endeavor they embarked upon hand in hand. 


Throughout her reign, Carrie is driven by a dual mission. She seeks to advocate for the significance of fostering positive health and fitness practices that fuel the flame of vitality across every phase of life. Beyond this, she aspires to have an impact on the trajectory of the Petite USA organization. She envisions collaborations with partners to extend the reach and raise awareness, underlining the authentic empowerment that Petite USA nurtures among petite women. She endeavors to illuminate the genuine essence of this extraordinary sisterhood, forging connections, and fostering recruitment.


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